Glencoe Photography

“Thank you very much John!
Your photography skill is top notch.
Your service is top notch.
Your ideas are top notch.
You are worth a million!
Continue to shine!
We wishes you all the best!!!” – Sarah + William


It was Sarah and William’s 10 year wedding anniversary. Coming from Singapore, they did a little mini tour around Europe and wanted some awesome photographs to celebrate their anniversary. Sarah was not really familiar with Scotland so asked me where best to capture Scotland in all it’s glory. Naturally, i suggested Glencoe and the rest, as they say, is history. 🙂

As with anywhere in Scotland, you can’t really say for sure if the weather will be full on sunshine, or wet and windy. We got the wet and windy card and truth be told, when your up in Glencoe and are looking for epic shots to showcase Scotland, wet, windy, dramatic and atmospheric sounds about right. luckily, this weather didn’t really phase Sarah and William so off we went down into Glen Etive and came away with some of these beauties……

glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-2 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-3 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-4_ glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-5 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-6 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-7 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-8 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-8_ glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-10 glencoe-wedding-photography-sarah-and-william-11