Pollok House wedding photography

“There really isn’t enough words to thank you for capturing our perfect day! You made everyone feel relaxed and happy whilst providing an outstanding service. It was like having a friend take our pictures!
And the photographs speak for themselves, I spent the whole evening just going over them again and again, it really felt like we were back there!
The quality is fantastic and you got them back to us so quickly, we really appreciated that!
Thank you so much for everything, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you take our pictures and I have even happily recommending you to everyone who asked about them!” — Carly + Jonathan


Carly and Jonathan got married at the beautiful Pollok House in Glasgow. A favourite venue of mine and one i always look forward to photographing. Our day started off in the Marriott hotel in Glasgow city centre for Bridal prep, before heading off to Pollok House for the wedding ceremony and evening reception.
Thanks to all the other suppliers/vendors who also made this wedding awesome.
Florist – Little Botanica
MUA – Melanie Jane MUA
Hair stylist – Eternal hair and beauty
Cake – Special day cakes
Brides dress – Angelique Lamont Bridal
Kilts – Slanj
Wedding band – Sleekit Beasties
Venue – Pollok House

All in all a pretty epic day which went a little like this…..

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