Danny and Jen got married last week at Solsgirth House in Dollar, a perfect venue to have your wedding day. We did however start off in the morning at Glenbervie coach house.

After about 9:30am all the guys came round and this is when the fun begins. Like most traditional Chinese weddings, all the girls set out games for all the guys at the front of the house, and they have to pass them all to allow the groom into to see his bride.

We then all traveled to Solsgirth House for the wedding ceremony and reception. I had an absolute blast covering this wedding and I hope you all enjoy viewing their slideshow and seeing their photos.

As always, I would recommend watching their slideshow first, this will give you a better feel for the day and I can bet by the end of it, you will feel as if you were at the wedding.

Enjoy and please leave the happy couple a little comment below.  🙂